Why Would My Car Insurance Cancel My Policy?

Why Would My Car Insurance Cancel My Policy? If your car insurance policy gets cancelled these tips will help you find new coverage for your vehicles.

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Most people are unaware of the reasons why their car insurance policies might be canceled. An insurer can cancel your insurance for virtually any reason they choose, but there are a few common occurrences that cause most canceled policies to happen. When too many car accidents occur leading to too many claims being filed your insurer can cancel your policy. Claims can raise your insurance rates, but if you have too many of them you may find yourself without coverage all together. Even too many parking tickets can lead an insurer to cancel your policy if there are too many incidents. Another reason for an insurer to cancel your policy is for failure to pay, or even too many late payments. It is critical that insurance premium payments be made on time, or you could quickly find yourself without car insurance.

Why would my car insurance cancel my policy? I’ve not been in any accidents, gotten any tickets, or been late paying my bill.

Occasionally insurers will cancel your policy through no fault of yours. Insurers may decide to stop conducting business in a particular area. The insurer will notify you that your policy will be canceled via mail, usually within 30-90 days. So, occasionally when you ask “Why would my car insurance cancel my policy?”, the answer doesn’t lie with your action.

My car insurance policy has been canceled. Can I get insurance through another company?

Though it will be more difficult to find coverage for someone who’s been dropped from an insurer may have a more difficult time finding insurance. Premiums will tend to be higher for someone with a coverage drop on their record.

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