Why Is My Car Insurance So High?

Car insurance is one thing that many of us have to pay for. Sometimes your car insurance could be very high and you might not know why. This article will help you understand how car insurance companies determine their rates and why your car insurance is so high.

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Your Rates Depend On Your Location

Car insurance companies look at many factors when determining your car insurance rates. One of the key factors is your location. You car insurance may be high because of where you live or where you drive your car. For example, if you live in the city your rates will be much higher than if you live in the suburbs. On the other hand, if you live in the suburbs, but you drive your car to work in the city everyday, you may also suffer from high rates.

Your Driving Records Can Boost Your Insurance Rates

Car insurance companies look into your driving record when they are giving you a quote. If you have multiple accidents and traffic violations on your record your rates will most likely be higher than normal. One way to lower your rates is showing the company you can keep a clean record over time. Many car insurance companies will lower your rates once your points have been cleared from your record.

Other Factors That May Increase Your Insurance

Besides your location and driving records there are other factors that may make your car insurance so high. Some factors you cannot help, such as age and gender. Car companies tend to give younger males a higher rate than young females. They also charge more if you are under the age of twenty five. Other factors that you could control may be the type of car you drive. As you could see there are many reasons why your car insurance can be so high.

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