Why Does It Take So Long For A Car Insurance Company To Settle A Claim?

There are many things that go on behind the scenes when dealing with car insurance and claims. Some things take a long time to sort out, while others don’t. Auto claims are complex and take time.

Medical Bills

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When there are injuries involved in a claim, the car insurance company must wait for all claims to come in and be complete before it can settle anything. That means all medical issues and treatments must be complete, too. Chiropractic services alone can be strung out for months. Not to mention, medical providers have to be given time to complete their claims for services. Also, if any of the occupants in any vehicle had to spend time off from work, they need this documentation, too.


A car insurance company will request multiple estimates for vehicle repairs. If there is more than one car involved, this may delay the processing time. The insurance company has to wait for all quotes to come in before proceeding.


Once the car insurance company receives all the medical bills, time-off documentation and estimates, then they can begin the repairs. Repairs take time due to ordering parts and the time it takes to perform the labor. If you have ever had your car in the shop for body work, you know this is not an overnight trip for your car.

Auto insurance companies have quite a bit of work to do on every claim. Whether the claim is for a major accident or just a fender-bender, there is still a lot of documentation and paperwork involved. Claims take time to process everything properly. If a claim is rushed, there may be implications to it, including someone not getting paid or an injury may not be fully covered by the insurance. Even though claims take time to process, it is worth the wait for all parties involved.

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