What Auto Insurance Is Mandatory In The US?

If you are a new to the United States or simply a new driver, you might wonder: “What auto insurance is mandatory in the US?” Of course, legal compliance is one of the primary functions of an auto insurance policy, so this question is an important one. Read on to find out the type and amount of car insurance coverage you need to drive safely and legally.

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State Insurance Requirements

In the United States, auto insurance laws are determined at the state level. As a result, no national laws or guidelines mandate a certain kind or amount of auto insurance. Each state decides which coverages it will require and how much of each coverage drivers must carry in order to drive legally. In other words, instead of asking “what auto insurance is mandatory in the US?,” a more relevant question might be “what auto insurance is mandatory in my state?”

How Do I Find Out What Auto Insurance Is Mandatory In the US?

Every state in the U.S. has a department of insurance that establishes, disseminates, and helps enforce auto insurance requirements. If you are unsure what car insurance is mandatory in your state, you can either visit your state’s insurance department in person or visit their Website. The department of insurance will be able to tell you what coverages your policy must include and how much of each required coverage you must carry.

Standard Requirements

In almost every state, an auto policy must include a certain amount of liability protection. Some states may also require medical payments coverage and/or underinsured/uninsured motorist protection. Talk to your insurance agent or state department of insurance for more detailed answers to the question: “what auto insurance is mandatory in the US?”

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