Should I Add My Child To My Auto Insurance Policy?

Secrets behind adding your child to your auto insurance policy: great cost saving solutions, hints providing secure coverage and peace of mind, and a few insurance suggestions.

Should I Add My Child To My Auto Insurance Policy?

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Yes, this should be done immediately upon your child obtaining their provisional license. Each state has separate age restrictions, time limits, passenger quantity limits which are geared to secure the safety of your child and other drivers utilizing the roads and highways.

Great Cost Saving Solutions For Adding Your Child To Your Auto Insurance Policy:

Extensive research should be accomplished by comparing insurance company rates for provisional, or child, drivers. Your policy may not have the best rates for adding your child to the existing insurance policy and you may find another insurance company with the same great coverage at a lower cost. Before your research begins, even starting a few years before your child is eligible for a provisional license, keep in mind that most insurance companies offer discounts for honor roll students. This is an excellent incentive, for both you and your child, regarding cost reduction and at the same time teaching your child the existence of unlimited possibilities to receive benefits for a job well done. Also, your child’s school may have programs such as “Alive At 25″ that will also provide discounts as long as attendance by both the child and the parent are documented. It is recommended that your child attend driving school which also provides another insurance discount. A high score on the written test also provides yet another insurance discount.

Helpful Hints To Provide Secure Coverage And Peace Of Mind And Insurance Suggestions:

Review all local and state laws regarding provisional licensure regarding how much coverage and which types of coverage you will need to provide to your child depending upon the condition, age and total mileage of the vehicle. The highest rate of accidents has been researched and shows that the age range of 16 to 24 is at the top of the list. This is due to the fact that medical research has determined that the child’s brain is not fully developed until around the age of 24, sometimes even to the age of 26. Additional coverage should be obtained for older as well as newer vehicles: PPP (Personal Passenger Protection) for vhicles that are rentaled, leased or owned and PEI (Personal Effects Insurance) if renting. PPP provides coverage for accidental death or accidental medical expenses, whereas PEI protects personal effects. By providing your child with secure coverage as well as ensuring the child obey the passenger rules of the state in which you live, will ease your mind as your child leaves in the vehicle each time.

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