If I Was In An Accident With A DUI, Does My Auto Insurance Cover This?

Auto insurance policies cover many events that may occur while driving, such as rear ending a vehicle or damage to property when brakes fail. Accidents occur for a multitude of reasons, but what about accidents because of impaired driving? You wonder, “If I was in an accident with a DUI, does my auto insurance cover this?” The answer is yes, but limitations on coverage may exist.

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Auto Insurance Policies

Auto insurance policies are attached to the vehicle for protection and coverage in the event of injuries or damages. If you are the holder of the policy, your DUI accident is covered despite driving DUI is a serious offense. Your auto insurance policy will pay for damages and injuries to your policy limits. The exact coverage and exclusions are stated in your policy. You should review your policy for possible out-of-pocket expenses.

Driving Someone’s Vehicle

Perhaps you have this DUI accident while driving someone’s vehicle. Their auto insurance policy will cover this accident if they are aware and gave you permission to drive this vehicle. If you don’t have this permission, you will be held responsible for the damage and injuries. Your auto insurance may cover their vehicle if they do not have an insurance policy depending on policy limitations.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Auto insurance policy deductibles will be an out-of-pocket expenses. Although their insurance on the car is the primary insurance, if the primary insurance policy does not have sufficient coverage, your vehicle coverage can be used to fill insurance gaps. You may, however, have additional expenses if the other party decides to sue you because of your DUI.

Driving while intoxicated has many consequences, but you can rest assured that “yes” is the answer to “If I was in an accident with a DUI, does my auto insurance cover this?”

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