Does My Car Insurance Claim Cover My Medical Expenses?

Though you may think that all insurance policies cover medical expenses in the case of an accident, this is not always true. Usually insurance that covers your medical expenses is known as PIP (i.e. personal injuries coverage). In some states, the terms and conditions are clearly stated and mandatory, and required by the state to cover medical expenses Рregardless of who is at fault. It is the responsibility of the driver to abide by this Financial Liability Law. This Financial liability Law requires drivers to carry Car Insurance that covers Bodily Injury Liability. This liability insurance policy also provides coverage for the third party’s injury.

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Be smart and save money when it come to insurance

There are many tips, if followed, can save you lot of money. When you try to save, it is important that, you are knowledgeable. There are certain little things which make you qualify for discounts, like the age of your car and the safety features on your car. If you have more than one car, you can get a multi-policy discount on both cars.

Medical Costs

Car Insurance companies offer various policies which determine medical expenses, based on certain criteria. Therefore, it is important to understand the policy, and expenses it covers. The medical expenses covered include medical and hospital costs. The Funeral expenses are usually is covered in PIP. The loss of wages and income are also covered. It is important to be informed about the details of the personal injury coverage; this information can give you peace of mind.


It is necessary to be covered for medical expenses under your Car Insurance policy. But the amount of coverage will all depend on the policy you have, and the state’s requirements. Therefore make sure that you have the proper Car Insurance policy.

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