Does My Auto Insurance Cover Theft Of Items In My Car?

Your car is an extension of both yourself and your home and if you’ve ever been a victim of a burglary, you know how violated you feel. You may also feel like there is little you can do if someone breaks into your automobile and steals personal items. Unfortunately, many people wait until the moment they have already been victimized to ask “does my auto insurance cover theft of items in my car?”.

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Does my auto insurance cover theft of items in my car?

Auto insurance is specifically made to cover your automobile and it’s parts, if damaged. A broken window, damage to the inside or outside is typically covered by the comprehensive portion of your auto insurance. Comprehensive coverage will also compensate you for the value of your car if it is stolen. As for any personal items inside, it’s important to check with your insurer but in most cases there is no coverage for theft or damage.

There is insurance coverage for these situations

Despite this, you can get coverage for items inside your car through your homeowners or renters insurance. In order to take advantage of this kind of coverage, you have to be sure to maintain good records of purchases of any items that might be stolen, including receipts. Your homeowners or renters insurance will likely compensate you for the value, based on your records.

Items have been stolen from my car, what should I do first?

In order to recoup your losses in the event your car has been broken into, you should contact the police to have them file a report. You should also contact your auto and homeowners or renters insurance companies to begin the process of filing for damages and loss. Luckily, you won’t be sitting next to your now empty car asking “does my auto insurance cover theft of items in my car?”.

The bottom line about insuring items in your car

Many people might be under the misconception that their auto insurance will compensate them if they are the victim of theft of items from their car. Unfortunately, this is not the case, although comprehensive coverage will take care of the damage to the vehicle. Fortunately, supplementing your auto insurance with renters insurance or using your homeowners insurance will allow you to recover the value of the goods that have been stolen.

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