Does Car Insurance Cover A Non-Licensed Driver?

Important facts you should know before letting a non-licensed driver behind the wheel of your car. Will your car insurance cover a non-licensed driver if they cause an accident?

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Depending upon the specific car insurance policy and the state of occupancy, the legalities involved concerning non-licensed drivers may vary. The policy may or may not cover a non-licensed driver. Generally speaking however, if the person who owns the vehicle has given permission to the non-licensed driver to drive the car, then their car insurance policy should cover any damages resulting in an accident caused by a non-licensed driver. However, there may be high penalties involved when a car insurance company is asked to cover a non-licensed driver.

Possible Penalties

While the car insurance of the car owner may cover a non-licensed driver and any expenses incurred as a result of an accident caused by the non-licensed driver, the owner of the car insurance policy may face major consequences as a result of giving an unlicensed driver permission to drive their vehicle in the first place. By giving permission to a person with an invalid or no license to drive their vehicle, the person whose name is on the car insurance policy is guilty of negligence. This is referred to as “Negligent Entrustment.” The holder of the car insurance policy can be held responsible for the actions of the non-licensed driver. This may result in fines, lawsuits, or the cancellation of the car insurance policy.

Rules Regarding Drivers Holding a Valid Driver’s Permit

In most cases, the person holding a driver’s permit will be covered under the car insurance policy of their parents, or that of the driving school. In the case of an accident caused by someone holding a valid driver’s permit, as long as that person is currently covered by the policy of the car owner, the above-mentioned penalties and “negligent entrustment” will probably not apply.

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