Does A Car That Is Not Driven Require Auto Insurance?

The short answer to this question is “probably, a car that is not driven probably does require auto insurance,” but it gets a little more complicated from there. The meaning of a car that is not driven may vary from state to state and where the vehicle is kept also may affect the need for auto insurance.

Is The Car Registered?

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In most states, if you have a vehicle with four wheels on the ground and it is registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles, it must be insured. This means that any car that has a license plate on it must have auto insurance. You may elect to turn your license plate into your local DMV and declare it non-operational. In this case, when the car is going to be driven again, you will need it re-registered.

Where Is The Car Parked?

If your car is parked on any road, it must have auto insurance, even if it is never driven. The car may be kept in a garage or storage compound away from any roads and remain uninsured in some states, but most still require insurance.

Why Would You Need Auto Insurance On A Car That Is Not Driven?

Your car needs to have auto insurance even if it is not driven because of the possibility of theft, fire, hit-and-run accidents, or accidents such as a parking brake slipping and your car causes damage to another’s property, even though no one was driving it. An option for a car that is not driven may be Third Party Only insurance. This type of policy will cover the aforementioned problems. Your best bet is to check with your local DMV for laws in your area.

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