Do Homeschoolers Qualify for Honor Student Auto Insurance Discount?

Many people who consider homeschooling their teenager ask the same question: “Do homeschoolers qualify for honor student auto insurance discount? The answer can be quite confusing. It is very important for those who are considering home school for their children as well as those already homeschooling to get the right information when considering the teenager for a driver’s license. First of all, does the current insurance company offer discounts to students with good grades, next, is what kind of grades they accept, whether they must come from an accredited college or can be transcripts from the parents.

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Shop around

Check around with different insurance companies; ask your insurance company “Do homeschoolers qualify for honor student auto insurance discount?” This is recommended before the teenager begins driving since most states require that all licensed drivers in the household are covered under the policy. While most insurance companies offer a discount to students with good grades, some may not. Be sure the one you choose will accept the grades as well as whether the grades must come from a school or simple home school transcripts.

Distance learning through an accredited college

Many accredited colleges offer distance learning for high school students. This allows the student to receive the same education as those who are attending traditional high school. In addition to the same education, they also receive the same transcripts that traditional high school will provide, including honor roll status. This will provide the necessary accreditation to receive auto insurance discounts.

Traditional Home school transcripts

Some insurance companies will accept transcripts that are simple and easy to follow from the parent. There are resources where the students can participate with other homeschoolers in a group setting, thus, giving the parents the resources to learn how to maintain and keep accurate track of the grades which they can provide to the insurance company, ensuring full auto insurance discounts benefits.

Auto insurance discounts and homeschoolers

Do Homeschoolers qualify for honor student auto insurance discount? The answer remains with the insurance company the parent chooses. The most important factor is to verify with the insurance company what kind of transcripts they will accept, if they in fact, offer any auto insurance discount for homeschoolers at all.

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