Do Bad Drivers In My Family Affect My Car Insurance Rates?

Our families affect us in many ways. Even if you are a great driver, bad drivers in your family could affect your car insurance rates. It is a certainty that bad drivers increase car insurance rates. If you have a family member that shares a car insurance policy with you, their driving habits will affect your rates.

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How do bad drivers in my family affect my rates?

Car insurance policies and rates are quoted on an entire and whole basis. That means that all drivers, their credit history, their consumer reports, their driving habits and more will determine your car insurance rates. If one member on a policy has an accident that is deemed their fault, has received a citation or has filed a claim, everyone on the policy is affected. One citation, accident or claim can change a rate by 10-50% or more, depending on the reason behind the citation, accident or claim and what it cost the car insurance company.

Why share policies?

Often, new drivers car insurance rates are extremely expensive and can require heft down payments every six months. By having a new driver on a family policy or their parents’ policy, the rate can be much cheaper and require little to no down payment. Also, by having multiple drivers and vehicles, home owners insurance or other coverage listed on a policy, there are discounts. These discounts can add up to major savings.

The good and the bad

When you share policies, it is certainly a gamble. Are cheaper car insurance rates worth the risk of one driver getting a citation? Each person needs to evaluate this question and make an educated decision. Bad drivers affect all drivers on the same policies. Rates will increase with each citation, claim or accident.

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